How to Help

How You Can Help –

Two Simple Things:

1.  Tell Others

Please spread the word. We welcome your offer of energy, advising your friends and family about the contribution that Judge Kevin Ross has made and will continue to make to Minnesota’s nationally respected judiciary.  Please copy and forward to them the address of the home page of this website ( and urge them to pass it on also. Thank you!

2.  Vote

Make sure to find Judge Ross’s name on your statewide, general election ballot this November, and please mark your support for his continued service on our Court of Appeals. Click this link for your election day information:

No Donations Requested

At this time the committee needs no additional financial contributions. Just spread the word, and vote for Judge Ross, helping us keep Minnesota’s judiciary the best in the nation.


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Vote: How, When, Where
Vote: How, When, Where

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Ellen Sampson, treasurer